Are you swamped with the everyday, while strategic and important pieces of work sit untouched on your desk? If you just had more time to do it all.

Are you hiring but finding it hard to find the right person? In the meantime, work piles up and those deadlines aren’t going anywhere. If you just had more time to do it all.

While I can’t give you more hours in your day, I can provide you with that extra pair of hands to think through your problem with you and do the work for you.

With over 20 years’ experience in business and marketing strategy, your extra pair of hands are ready when you are. I can help to answer pressing questions such as

  • How do we grow revenue – in existing segments/markets? Are there other segments/markets that are attractive for us?
  • How can we optimise revenue across existing segments and products? How do we increase revenue per customer?
  • What marketing activities should we be doing to support the business strategy?
  • Where are our leads coming from? How do we generate more?
  • How do we position our brand(s) to meet our strategic objectives?
  • Is our marketing function doing the right activities? Is it structured right?

For Marketing specific needs, consider using the services of my company, flexCMO.  For other business strategy related needs, please contact me on or +61412382005